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To give life support back to people in hopeless conditions through the Anointing and Empowerment

To render support, preach the gospel to the weak, Prison outreach programme

To render support, preach the gospel to the weak, Prison outreach programme and vulnerable people families by offering a 24 hours free counselling line, organization of charity concerts, welfare programs.

Empowering the Poor

To render assistance both directly and through established social welfare organisations that will help rehabilitate people in distress, especially people without any means of support and those neglected and ill-treated by the society or other members of their family and promote their vocational skills and self-reliance

Health Care to the Poor

To render assistance to poor patients by making provisions for medical assistance, HealthCare and preventive medical services.

Empowering the physically handicapped

To empower the physically handicapped through sustainable development programmes.

Providing Food Aids

To provide food aid and humanitarian services in times of natural calamities

Organizing Skill Acquisition

To Empower less privilege by organising skills acquisition programmes and by providing financial support to start up small scale business

Fight against Rape, Child Abuse and Child Labour

To give a voice to the voiceless in formulating policies that affect rape victims, abused children and to reduce child labour.

Promote advanced education to orphaned

To promote advanced education to orphaned, indigent and other less privileged children both directly and through established social welfare organization for a better future.

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Members who love to give majorly their time, Skills and resources on Missions:<br /> You have professional Skill(s) you'll like to teach the needy as an Empowerment<br /> You have a long desire to help someone but don’t know how to start<br /> People with passion to help others<br /> You want to join the street Evangelism<br /> Special Program Work Force<br />



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