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Giving Hope back to the hopeless

Oladimeji Oladele Muyiwa

Europe Operation Director

About AGN
Apostolic Grace Network is a global community of people with passion for their destiny fulfilment and helping others especially those the society referred to as the less privileged.

We strongly believe, the best parameter to measuring how successful we are is the number of people we give life back to.
After all, a little Help here and there took every great men to the pinnacle of their career. We are all direct product of somebody’s good heart sometimes ago, some love to call them my benefactor, my Hero or My Angel.

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Members who love to give majorly their time, Skills and resources on Missions:
You have professional Skill(s) you’ll like to teach the needy as an Empowerment
You have a long desire to help someone but don’t know how to start
People with passion to help others
You want to join the street Evangelism
Special Program Work Force

Members who love to send their Money or materials on Missions:
You just want to see somebody’s tears wiped off
You want to help some helpless children
You’ve desired a long time ago to be reaching out to the needy, but you don’t know how to go about it
Your Work schedule isn’t permitting you to reach out, so you will love to convert your passion to seed and send on mission
You want to empower those on Evangelism field. (Media e.g TV, Radio, Social media and Street)

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