• Suite 5, Ajayi Shopping Complex, Okefia, Osogbo, Nigeria
  • (+234) 78 222 0300

Mama Esther Ijiwande

Mama Esther Ijiwande is a passionate soul winner, she is 73years and goes out at about 5:00AM gmt+1 for early morning street evangelism. She preach with a voice and local Bell in her hands.
She makes altar call, walks through street and sometimes at junctions trying to reaching few on the road and of course many in their bed. But at her age, how loud could her voice be, how far could her voice cover?
We got mama Ijiwande’s contact, gave her a little support of a Megaphone equipment and a free Shopping timeout.

Thank you all AGN Care-Force partners, together we’ve made evangelism easy for her.